UNF - Utopie no(s) futur(s)

Textile and biomaterial design

Utopia No(s) Futur(s) is the story of the encounter between hyper-technology and nature. Cyberpunk aesthetics mix with the technicality of sensitive and sustainable textiles. The contradiction is total, but this universe nonetheless reveals a new genre: ‘Techno-Ecolo’.

UNF’s aim is to innovate and bring a new look to eco-textiles and sustainable development. Innovation usually means the emergence of something new… There is a search for modernity: the front of the past and the present through a futuristic context, inscribed in a new timeline.

In this new world, plastic is biodegradable, leather becomes vegan, glass is shape memory. All this while being aesthetically electric, full of binary codes and graphic interferences. These contradictions, these oppositions define a form of revolution. Because it’s time to bring these solutions into our daily lives, before the context of this universe catches up with us.

Bioplastics, for example, are an innovative technical invention, in that they provide solutions and answers to very current problems. This is where the revolution is needed, in order to change and transform the lifestyles and needs of society.

So, instead of waiting for apocalyptic, hyper-technological, over-polluted tomorrows, it’s a question of proposing an artistic and sensitive experience that allows us to imagine variants of a better world.