LA confusion

Immersive installation - 2019

Nowadays, the fashion industry has become a real plague, straight out of a nightmare. Profusion, abundance, accumulation, superposition… This excess makes the system unreadable and imperceptible, and creates awareness frustration.

Frustration, limits, constraints, … This constraint can be seen as an asset, a tool, which pushes one to leave one’s comfort and to find solutions elsewhere.

La confusion is an immersive installation with a double reading. It plays between the real and the unreal. Games of light, shadows and saturation are created in order to destabilise the viewer’s gaze, to create disorder and confusion, in order to try a new approach, to look at things in a new way.
From the front, the objective is to make perception difficult. The projection breaks down, splits up, superimposes itself and invites spectators to move from this frontal view in and see through it, to try to question behind the decor, the backstage, the background of this abundance industry.