Installation - Artistic and graphic research - 2019

‘Our lives, our decisions, like quantum trajectories, can only be understood in the moment. Each intersection point, each encounter, suggests a potential new direction, defining a complex cartography.
In search of a way out of the tragic destiny of its existence, EXIT retraces the tumultuous path of life…’

EXIT is an artistic and graphic creation. On a roll of paper more than ten metres long, abstract graphic modules gradually unfold. These printed forms have been applied using laser-cut stencils.

Acrylic paint applied to the paper reveals the motif. The pattern is positioned randomly on the paper. At first, the modules are black and widely spaced. Gradually, the colour changes and the applications of the pattern intensify, overlap and intermingle, making the white paper increasingly opaque and difficult to read. An agonising sense of impasse emerges.
Yet it is perhaps in the multiplication of encounters and crossroads that the essential happens.

This graphic labyrinth attempts to transcribe one of the human obsessions: Existentialism.