endless sunset
Solar design & Fiction design - 2022

‘What is the outfit of our future?’

Endless Sunset is a digital fashion project. At the intersection of physical and virtual, it showcases wearable solar cells through a digital textile library and a digital outfit.

More than a simple digital fashion production, it is a design fiction project.

It is contextualised in the near future and plays with fiction boundaries. It imagines futures, and fantasises about them, in order to create reactions and discover new way to design.

This project was inspired by the solar movement and new solar technologies. Thanks to innovative flexible solar panel such as OPV (organic photovoltaic), now, green energy can be integrated in our daily life and even being wearable!

The material collection of Endless Sunset has been designed based on the properties of thin-film photovoltaic (flexible, transparent, coloured, customisable) and its aesthetic line has been created around the theme of the sun (shadow, light, wave, reflection).

This project is the result of a phygital process. To understand and experiment the different properties of the sun and the solar panels, the physical experimentation has been helpful to understand the senses and features of materialities and textures; the digital production has been allowed to create a context and imaginary application.

Thanks to a fictional storytelling, inspired by Solar Punk*, and a phygital process, Endless Sunset is an attempt to imagine the textile and the outfit of our futur.

*A literary genre and art movement that imagines how the future might look if humanity succeeded in solving major contemporary challenges with an emphasis on sustainability, human impact on the environment, and addressing climate change and pollution.