Fashion edition and set design - 2019

En transition is a narrative fashion edition.
Through editorial work, photography and set design, this editorial object tells the story of the excesses of the great Chinese metropolises.

At night, the big Chinese cities reveal a futuristic aesthetic straight out of the film Blade Runner; these unusual places of excesses are confronted with tradition, uniformity, but also eccentricity. This creates a complex and dizzying amalgam.

Coloured lights, shadows, modules and paper constructions are used for the production of this storytelling, to convey the emotions and sensations of these vibrant and electric night cities.

Editorial: ‘It’s the end of the day. The light of day is fading. Night falls on the city. The lights come on and disperse into the darkness. People change. Some go home, others leave. The city echoes and spreads the sounds of the night.

The crackle of neon lights, the sound of engines, the speeding train, spread through this urban canyon. The atmosphere is cold, damp, electric. We’re immersed in a dizzying sensory combination, dark and vibrant, gloomy but intense.’

To immerse more oneself in this edition, the creation of a headphone soundtrack is currently in production, to create a deep experience.

To view the digital edition in its entirety:︎︎ In Transition

This edition was produced in the context of a workshop managed by the Martinière Diderot school in Lyon and the photographer Florent Tanet.
This workshop was organised for the 2019 Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial: ME/YOU/NOUS: Créons un terrain d’entente, featuring China ; and more specifically: Stéfania 2052, une ville imaginaire et libre.

The editorial object En transition was exhibited during the biennial, in the Library space.