Designer - visual ARTIST 

Julie Merlino is a French textile-fashion designer, maker, and researcher, specialising in innovative materials and digital production.

She has developed a multidisciplinary profile and cares a lot about sustainability. Looking for new ways to design, she focuses on human experiences and explores new methodologies in the innovative materials industry, using holistic design, and digital tools.
Whatever the field of application, the aim is to use design tools to address contemporary challenges holistically.

Believing in the designer's role as a mediator, bridge-builder, and connector between different fields, she enjoys working in a team and collaborating with various professionals.
She also appreciates working in FabLabs and research centers and uses innovative equipment and processes (3D printer, laser cutting machine, electrical engineering, and intelligent textiles, etc.)

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After a year, as a Smart Textile Designer/Researcher at Pauline Van Dongen Studio at Arnhem (NL), Julie is now working as a freelancer.


The Energy Show - Het Institut - Rotterdam

Van Pasvorm tot Polygon - Centraal Musuem - Utrecht